How to Plan and Organize a Trip to Italy for $1500!!!

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Calendar of Events 



Pack for Rome

Saturday: August 27
Flight leaves for Rome @8PM

August 28
-Arrive in Rome @8AM
-Check in Hostel at 9AM


August 29
-Spend day exploring Rome

Tuesday: August 30
-Spend day exploring Rome
-Tuesday night bar crawl at Hostel

August 31
-Train to Florence leaves at 10AM
-Arrive in Florence by 1PM
-Check in Hotel at 2PM


Sept. 1
-Spend day exploring Florence


Sept. 2
-Train to Cinque Terre leaves at 11AM
-Arrive in Cinque Terre by 2PM
-Check in AirBnB at 3PM


Sept. 3
-Spend day exploring Monterosso village
hike/boat to another village


Sept. 4
-Spend day exploring Monterosso village
-hike/boat to another village


Sept. 5
-Train to Venice leaves at 10AM
-Arrive in Venice by 4PM
-Check in Hotel at 5PM


Sept. 6
-Spend day exploring Venice


Sept. 7
-Flight to Naples leaves at 3PM
-Arrive in Naples by 4PM
-Check in hostel by 5PM


Sept. 8
-Spend day exploring Naples
-Take a day trip to Capri or Sorrento


Sept. 9
-Spend day exploring Naples
-Take a day trip to Capri or Sorrento


Sept. 10
-Take a train to Rome at 5:30AM
-Flight to Portland leaves at 8AM


So as all of our friends and families already know, David and I went to Italy last summer, and are wondering how we were able to afford a two week international trip. You’re probably asking, “did they get paid?” “did they win a vacation?” “did they win the lottery?” Nope, just used some money saving tips from our jobs and planned and organized to have a fun and affordable time there! If you want another blog on how we saved and planned our money for this trip, stay tuned! I’ll write that on a separate blog and attach it when I can. Now…. the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the official, laminated, and detailed plans of our trip. Before we left, I wrote and made this on a simple 9×11 sheet of paper and held onto it like the holy bible the whole time we were there. I recommend that you do the same. It will help guide you and make sure you never just have a spare day of “what else should we do…” This took A LOT of research and time so if you are planning on going to Italy, I recommend using this guide as it entails a good variety, OR use these tips for any country you wish to go. Enjoy 🙂



So as you can see, this is a pretty vague day to day look at where we should be as well as when trains and flights are. To make sure we got the most of every day, I researched articles on Pinterest that gave the best recommendations of what we should do while we were there. You probably recognize these as “Top 10 things to do in Venice” or something along those lines. I read those like crazy and made my own personal lists for each city we were going to. To stay organized I kept this in a travel journal and crossed off each place we went to after going there so it made me want to accomplish everything on the list!



Organization Tips:

After I made this rough draft itinerary, I finalized it by booking all of my hostels/hotels/airbnb’s and buying our train/plane tickets. I kept these tickets, papers and notes all in a separate folder that I referred to A LOT to remind me what times were what again so I recommend you do something like this! It will really help you be more organized and not have to find wifi to log back into the Trenitalia website to find your ticket and look at the time, etc. etc. It was also my holy bible with my train journal. Having something that’s hard copy is just more reliable to me than trusting my phone that’s working on slow wifi’s.


How did we plan our accommodations?

As I mentioned in an earlier blog which you can check out here: I used Hostel World to book all my hostels and hotels! We got an apartment through AirBnb in Monterosso though which was super pricey, but it was well worth it! (Definitely still optional though).


How did we book our flights and train tickets?

To book our flights we used EXPEDIA and to get our train tickets we used the website called Trenitalia. These trains are the official trains that take you to every major city and beach town in Italy! David and I absolutely HATED the trains in Italy, we have some pretty crazy stories from our train rides, but it’s inevitable to avoid; travelers and backpackers got to use them sadly.

Cool trick to get cheap flights!


Breakdown cost of Italy

  • Round trip flight was $850 from Portland to Rome – we used a time saving trick you can check out here
  • Cost of the Alessandro Palace Hostel in Rome was $17 per person per night with a $20 deposit = $150 for 4 nights
  • Rome to Florence train ticket = $20
  • Cost of Hotel Savonarola in Florence was $50 per person per night with a $22 deposit = $120 for 2 nights
  • Florence to Monterosso train ticket = $15
  • Monterosso AirBnB = $121 per night for 3 nights = $363
  • Monterosso to Venice train ticket = $38
  • Cost of the Dimora Veliero Romantico Hotel in Venice was $130 per night with a $50 deposit
  • Plane ticket from Venice to Naples = $35
  • Cost of the Hostel of the Sun in Naples was $16 per person per night with a $14 deposit
  • Naples to Rome train ticket =  $20



As you can see we spent the most money on our hotels. Overall our accommodations costed us $500 dollars each for the whole trip. If we were to do hostels the whole time and not spend as much on hotels and the airbnb it would’ve saved us an extra $200-$300, but seeing we were a couple, we wanted to have our own private room for half the trip. Maybe next time we won’t do that haha.



-$850 for plane ticket

-$500 for hotels

-$300 for food

-$400 for museum tickets, taxis, buses, boat rides, gondolas, and souvenirs

=$2000 each for David and I


How to save even more money:

  1. Use hostels the whole time you’re there. As you can see, they are super cheap and the funnest option you can do. If you are traveling as a couple, maybe accommodate with ONE cheap hotel in a city of your choosing.
  2. Grocery shop – now this is what David and I WANTED to do… but seeing we couldn’t find any grocery stores in Italy we literally ate out for breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day. If you were to find grocery stores, this would probably save you an extra $100.
  3. Don’t do the tours – we already knew this and avoided them. We did one tour in Vatican City, just because we were interest in learning all the history and facts, but the lady had such a strong Italian accent it was hard to understand her. Plus she was going so slow through the museum, it ate up our entire day and costed us around $80. Wasn’t worth it.
  4. If you go to Italy, go with as many friends as you can! If you do this and travel with say… 4 people, you guys could all get your own hostel room in each place and not have to share with any strangers! Plus, the idea of an all girls trip to Europe just sounds like heaven to me. Splitting the cost 4 ways instead of 2 (like we did) would probably save some extra dollars with everything as well.

What I wish I would’ve known… but now I share to you! If you follow these tips your overall trip could be around $1500!!!


Stay tuned for how we saved our money for our trip in an upcoming blog as well as our top recommended things to do in Italy, and the 30 things we weren’t expecting when we were there by subscribing with your email! Share to anyone you know who is traveling to Europe or share to some friends who you might want to go take with you for a trip of a lifetime. Safe travels! xoxo –Alesia’s Affordable Adventures


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